TAKE PLACE - Mike Dye Photography

Following the success of Michael Dye's photographic book Aspects of Kent (2008), Take Place is a collection of new images of Kent taken in September and October 2010. The new work draws upon Dye's experience shooting the county's coastlines, buildings and landscapes; capturing and exploring a highly personal vision.

The photographs exhibited in Take Place develop and continue the work exhibited at Dye's exhibition in Keynes College in 2001, recording recent changes in the county's history. This exhibition also includes work from Aspects of Kent alongside ten new large prints, which are the most recent addition to this ongoing study .

By bringing such a substantial body of work together, Take Place will create a photographic portrait of the county, exploring how Kent's historic past relates to its present, as well as uncovering intriguing, often overlooked scenes from the area.

Also included in Take Place are images of objects within the exhibition space, placing photograph and object next to one another. These images suggest immediacy, allowing the exhibition to take root within its space and further demonstrate Dye's preoccupation with recording often overlooked details and their contribution to an area's sense of 'Place'.

About Mike Dye

Mike Dye has travelled the world with his camera, developing a distinct photographic style recognisable for its subtlety and confidence.

Drawing upon his experience as a designer, Dye's multidisciplinary approach unearths colours, textures, and shapes, often framing scenes that are mostly overlooked and undiscovered. Dye's diverse subject matter owes as much to other media - drawing, painting, film - as it does to photographic history.

Examining a particular geographic location, exploring a sense of place and often recording a narrative between the landscape and people often underpin his work.